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Good practices for writing shell scripts

2016-03-23 8 min read Tutorials
I have seen so many messy shell scripts in my not so long life, and the reasons are always the same: “I’m the only one to use it”, “It’s meant to be used once”, etc. The problem is that in practice, those scripts are often reused or dug up months or even years later because they solved a problem similar to one you are having now. And when you have to understand a shell script that has been running in production for years and has been written by someone else, you will have to go through the famous “dusting” part i. Continue reading

My Contribution to Luigi

2016-03-06 8 min read Open Source
During my last internship at Aquto, I spent a few months rebuilding their data pipeline. I had the privilege of being given a lot of flexibility on this project, especially in the choice of technologies to be used, so I decided to make the most out of it. \ I chose Luigi as the framework I would end up working with to build that pipeline. I found myself stuck during the development of that project, but I worked on a solution and decided to contribute it back to the framework. Continue reading